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BVMedia integrates different processes, technologies, and marketing strategies to build, maintain and optimize our data-driven websites. Our skilled development team creates websites tailored to the needs of the company's high-traffic internet properties. The online marketing department works hard to make our sites highly profitable by planning processes and building online strategies to boost traffic and increase conversions. We also have a full-service customer service team that provides support to a variety of clients in the United States.


Customer Service

Online Marketing

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Why Costa Rica?

Over the past few years, Costa Rica has become an important near shore location for companies from the U.S., as well as a strategic offshore location for European companies in the dollar zone. It is geographically well situated in the middle of the Americas, the country’s time zone coincides with the U.S. Central Standard Time Zone (GMT-6) and can be reached easily from most U.S. cities. Costa Rica has also introduced programs to guarantee widespread knowledge in computer sciences and English is being taught as a second language (ESL) to keep the Costa Rican youth and workforce on par with international standards. Read more about Why Top Investors Are Betting on Latin America, written by our Company Director, Burton Katz.

Our Family

We are a diverse and passionate team of designers, developers and customer service agents. If you are motivated, performance driven, self-sufficient and open minded, BVMedia is for you. We are constantly looking for talented professionals to translate our vision into action; providing our employees with constant training, feedback and all the tools needed to respond to the needs of an ever-changing market.

Mainor Miranda

Software Development Lead

Mario Garita

Web Developer Lead

Karla Jinesta

Operations Manager

Laura Soto

HR Manager

Helen Penaloza

Campaign Manager

Brian Morales

Campaign Manager

Jonathan Arce

Campaign Manager

Our Growth


6 Employees


17 Employees


28 Employees


48 Employees


115 Employees


188 Employees

BVMedia began in 2014, simply as a media company with six employees. The initial idea of BVMedia was to only employee designers and developers. Within a few months, we acquired a customer service team, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By June of 2016, the company grew so rapidly that we needed more space, thus, opening our second office. But, we didn’t stop there. Within a year, we needed even more space due to our growth that we expanded our current location to three times its original size. Currently, we have over 100 employees, and BVMedia doesn’t intend to slow down.

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Our Benefits

  • Private health insurance

  • Work from Home

  • Referral bonus

  • Salary increase after 90 days of employment

  • Extra Vacation days after 2 years of eligible service.

  • Employee of the month award

  • Team of the month award

  • Company events

  • Car rental discounts

  • Promerica account discounts and promotions.

  • Many more!

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